Your Past Is Over. Let It Go.

If you have sin in your past and you are worrying and condemning yourself for those wrongs, don’t. It doesn’t accomplish anything. Constantly focusing on your past mistakes will crowd out any positive feelings you can have about yourself. Some of the things that happen to us in our past are outside of our control but, I think you’d agree, can still have an impact on who we are today.

At my age I’ve come to realize I haven’t really accomplished anything noteworthy because of my worrying and condemning myself. I just didn’t have the confidence. As a matter of fact, I’ve made myself pretty miserable at times. But, you know what, I’ve also managed to do some good things in my life that I can reflect on and be happy about.

What’s my point here? Almighty God made you and God doesn’t make junk. Even if you think you are. God looks upon you with so much love that we don’t have the ability or capacity to take it all in. The most appropriate story I can think of that addresses the issue of our sinful past and being forgiven today is the one about the prodigal son. If you’re not familiar with the story it basically says the prodigal son got his inheritance ahead of time and then went out and spent it on a sinful lifestyle. When the son realized how messed up he was and had hit rock bottom, he decided to return home to his father hoping that he would at least hire him as a slave.

The father in this story receives the prodigal son with open and joyous arms and even throws a feast in his honor. The father in this story is our God, who loves us without abandon. He doesn’t look at our past. He looks at us now and forgives us of our sins if we ask him. God does not want us worrying about our past but instead focusing on Him and His love for us.

When we accept God’s love and stop worrying about what people think or worrying about our past, we can have the confidence to move forward and live in peace. Remember, God made a great sacrifice to insure that we are forgiven so we can live in peace and in His love.

The next time you find yourself worrying about something, stop and take a moment to focus on Jesus hanging on the cross. Why? Because He said, “It is finished.” What’s finished? All of your past.

Your past is done and you can’t do anything about it but Jesus did. So, start living today.


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