Changing Direction In Life

Changing direction in your life is not a tragedy—but losing your passion in life is! Something happens along the way. Convictions to change the world downgrade to commitments to pay the bills. Rather than make a difference, we make a salary. Rather than look outward, we look inward. And we don’t like what we see!

But God is not finished with you yet. Oh you may think he is. You may think you’ve peaked. You may think he’s got someone else to do the job. If so, think again! The Bible says, “God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again” (Philippians 1:6 NCV).

Do you see what God is doing? A good work in you! Do you see when he will be finished? When Jesus Christ comes again. May I spell out the message? 

God ain’t finished with you yet! You’re still under construction and God doesn’t make junk.


Don’t Settle For A Small Destiny

We re-define ourselves according to our catastrophes. As a result, we settle for a small destiny! Think you’ve lost it all? You haven’t. The truth of Romans 11:29 is that “God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded.”

Here’s how it works. Your boss calls you into the office. As kind as it sounds, a layoff is a layoff. How will I pay the bills? Who’s going to hire me? Dread dominates your thoughts. But then you remember your destiny: What do I have that I cannot lose? Wait a second. I’m still God’s child. My life’s more than this life. God will make something good out of this. I will work hard, stay faithful, and trust Him—no matter what. Bingo! You just trusted your destiny. Another victory for God. It begins with a yes to God’s call on your life!

Are You Living Your Life In A Pit?

Do you feel like you are living in a deep pit? You know those days where you don’t feel great mentally, emotionally or physically. As you look around all you see is despair. No hope for anything. Questions keep nagging you why your life is like the way it is. For some the agony is so great they’ve considered suicide. When you reach the bottom and feel like you’re living there day after day, there are steps you can take to pull yourself out.

Begin by searching for, finding and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Life with Jesus is described in John 15: 1-11 where we are the branches connected to the vine who is Jesus. Without the life sustaining flow of love, grace, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus, our lives can be described as living in a pit.

The next and most important step, in my opinion, is to realize that you can’t do it alone. You need Jesus in your life. When you receive Jesus by having true faith you can accept the trustworthiness of God. God will provide for you in every way if you will let Him. I’ve learned over time that if I give God every situation in my life, no matter how big or small, He is faithful to see me through and out of the pit I’ve dug for myself.

The next time you find yourself in a pit, look up! God is waiting for you to lean on Him. He will provide what you need to climb out of your pit and live life happily and successfully.