Pray For Our Government’s Leaders. Medicare In Jeopardy.

I’ve included some information here that is political in nature and a subject very near and dear to my heart as I am now a recipient of Medicare. I’m posting this information here in hopes that all who read it will pray. Here are some of the facts.

During the 2016 campaign, candidate Trump repeatedly promised not to cut Social Security and Medicare. GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan is proposing to take out Medicare.

Ryan released a 2018 budget plan last week that would make it possible to overhaul the tax code (read: cut taxes for the rich) and he wants to do it on the backs of elders and the poor. His plan would privatize Medicare, as noted on the website of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM).

As Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California noted in an AP story: “Republicans would destroy the Medicare guarantee for our seniors and inflict bone-deep cuts to Medicaid that would devastate veterans, seniors with long-term care needs, and rural communities.’”

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from a story on Ryan’s 2018 budget plan by John Wasik at Forbes: “What House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP congressional leaders are proposing is to tear down and remold basic Medicare into the troubled Medicare Advantage program, which would be like throwing kerosene on a house fire.”

The bottom line here is Americans of all ages need your prayers concerning this very sensitive, volatile and important issue. Please pray for our government leaders that they would make the right choices to help Americans and not hurt them.