A Time For Prayer

I would like to ask everyone reading my blog to pray today. Pray for the leaders of this great nation we live in. Also, pray for the leaders of other countries around the world.

As you might be aware our President has made comments to the leader of North Korea that could be taken as provocative and in some estimation challenging. North Korea has been flexing its muscle concerning the building and use of nuclear weapons on the United States. That scenario is too horrible to think about.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan are two examples in recent history of the use of nuclear weapons and the mass destruction that resulted. Many people were killed or maimed and the property damage was staggering.

As some of our politicians have said, the best approach to dealing with North Korea is diplomacy. I think the best approach is prayer. Ask almighty God to give wisdom to all the leaders of the world in this great time of tension, stress and need.

God Are You Listening?

Have you ever wondered whether God is listening when you pray? I suspect all of us, which includes me, at one time or another have had our doubts. Having doubts is not such a bad thing because we are human and prone to listen to the enemy.

Yesterday, I was in severe pain in my back near my left kidney. The pain was almost unbearable. I could hardly move without being racked with pain. Of course, in the beginning, I did what any reasonable person would do, I took some Tylenol and went to bed early. I found that laying flat on the bed was the least painful position to be in.

Before I drifted off to sleep I said my prayers. But, this time it was different. I talked to God and reminded him that I am his child and as his child I know he doesn’t want to see me in pain. So, I asked God to remove or lessen the pain so I could sleep. I also told him that if he didn’t heal me to please give me the strength, physically and emotionally, to deal with my situation.

During the night I shifted in to different positions and kept experiencing pain. I kept telling myself that God is either going to heal me or give me the strength to go through this. As the night progressed I began to feel less and less pain. When I got up this morning the pain was all but gone. I have a few minor twinges but nothing compared to yesterday.

Does God listen to our prayers? In a word, yes! I think the difference in whether you get an answer to your prayer is how you approach the throne of grace. Be bold. Be confident. Just know that God loves you and wants the best for you but in those times when you really need him, you have to ask. Don’t beat around the bush but be straight up with God and let him know how you feel and what you need.

In the end, you’ll be praising God for his love, kindness, caring, and compassion because you know that he is listening to your prayers. Yes! Amen!

Being Alone In His Presence

After encountering the prophet Elijah, King Ahab may well have thought, Of all the nerve! Just who does this guy think he is? Bursting onto the scene as if out of nowhere, Elijah confronted Israel’s wicked king with a message that would soon disrupt life throughout the region.

The validity of the prophecy rested with the Source, not the mouthpiece. Elijah was a man of great faith who spent time alone with the Lord and listened to Him carefully. The prophet could pass the message on with boldness and authority because he knew and trusted the One from whom it came.

We can’t expect our Father to communicate with us in exactly the same way that He spoke to the Old Testament prophets, but the process of receiving His message hasn’t changed. It starts with being alone in His presence and listening as He speaks through His Word. But it shouldn’t end there.

Prophets had the responsibility of telling the people what the Lord revealed to them. Similarly, we’re to share with others what we learn from God’s Word. Devotional time with the Lord is not just about our own interests and needs. The Father reveals His truths to us so we can share them with others.

Begin each day alone with God in His Word and in prayer, listening as He speaks to your heart. Believe what He says in Scripture, apply it to your life, and then share with someone else what He has revealed. Be bold and remember that the authority of your message comes from Him.

(reblogged from Charles Stanley | In Touch | 8.1.2017)